Spy boss tells business to improve defences as cyber attacks mount

Dikutip dari http://www.afr.com | John Kehoe & Paul Smith | 3 Maret, 2020

Rachel Noble, director-general of the Australian Signals Directorate

The new boss of Australia’s digital spy agency, Rachel Noble, has warned business to bolster its cyber defence capabilities in the wake of the crippling attack on Toll Group, as Australia’s wool industry became the latest sector to fall victim to ransomware assault.

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2 Ransomware Attacks Reported in Spain

Dikutip dari databreachtoday.com | Akshaya Asokan | 5 November 2019

Radio Network, Consultancy Are Targeted

In two separate incidents on Monday, ransomware crippled the systems of a radio network and a major consulting firm in Spain, news portal Bitcoin.es reports.

Radio network ACadena SER and consultancy Everis, which offers outsourcing, were attacked during the early hours on Monday, acccording to Bitcoin.es. In both cases, employees were unable to access their files.

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ECB shuts down compromised BIRD website

dikutip dari European Central Bank | http://www.ecb.europa.eu

PRESS RELEASE | 15 August 2019

  • ECB’s BIRD website hacked by unauthorised parties
  • Email addresses and other contact data may have been captured
  • No internal systems or market-sensitive data compromised
  • BIRD website shut down until further notice
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Major breach found in biometrics system used by banks, UK police and defence firms

Dikutip dari theguardian.com | Josh Taylor | 14 Aug 2019

Fingerprints, facial recognition and other personal information from Biostar 2 discovered on publicly accessible database

Security company Suprema uses facial recognition, fingerprints and passwords to secure facilities for the likes of the Metropolitan Police, defence contractors and banks. Photograph: izusek/Getty Images/iStockphoto
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Biostar security software ‘leaked a million fingerprints’

Dikutip dari bbc.com | Chris Baraniuk | 14 August 2019

Biostar 2 is used by thousands of companies around the world

More than a million fingerprints and other sensitive data have been exposed online by a biometric security firm, researchers say.

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Chinese cyberhackers ‘blurring line between state power and crime’

Dikutip dari theguardian.com | Josh Taylor | 8 Aug 2019

Cybersecurity firm FireEye says ‘aggressive’ APT41 group working for Beijing is also hacking video games to make money

APT41 hackers from China have been accused by cybersecurity firm FireEye of both espionage and cybercrime. Photograph: Julien Behal/PA

A group of state-sponsored hackers in China ran activities for personal gain at the same time as undertaking spying operations for the Chinese government in 14 different countries, the cybersecurity firm FireEye has said.

In a report released on Thursday, the company said the hacking group APT41 was different to other China-based groups tracked by security firms in that it used non-public malware typically reserved for espionage to make money through attacks on video game companies.

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Cyber threats from the US and Russia are now focusing on civilian infrastructure

Dikutip dari techcrunch.com | Joe Cheravitch | 22-07-2019

Targeting civilian infrastructure opens a dangerous new front in cyber hostilities

Cyber-confrontation between the U.S. and Russia is increasingly turning to critical civilian infrastructure, particularly power grids, judging from recent press reports. The typically furtive conflict went public last month, when The New York Times reported U.S. Cyber Command’s shift to a more offensive and aggressive approach in targeting Russia’s electric power grid.

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Cyber expert charged in huge Bulgarian data hack is bailed

Dikutip dari reuters.com | Reporting by Tsvetelia Tsolova; editing by John Stonestreet | July 18, 2019

SOFIA (Reuters) – A cybersecurity expert accused of involvement in hacking the personal data of millions of Bulgarian taxpayers was conditionally released on Wednesday after prosecutors downgraded charges against him.

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China Dilaporkan Tanam Malware ke Ponsel Turis

Dikutip dari inet.detik.com | Muhamad Imron Rosyadi | Jumat, 05 Jul 2019

Jakarta – Ada laporan bahwa sejumlah turis yang sedang mengunjungi China mendapati smartphone miliknya ditanam malware yang bisa melacak isi perangkat yang disusupinya.

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British Airways hack: why record £183m fine could have been far greater

Dikutip dari theweek.co.uk | July 8, 2019

Airline data breach was first major case under new GDPR rules.

British Airways has been fined £183m over a major security breach last year – the biggest penalty ever handed out by the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

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