Cyber Crime

Cyber Crime,… menjadi kata yang tidak asing lagi,…. berikut ini  link yang dapat anda gunakan untuk merujuk berita tentang cyber crime dari reuters,

 Cyber Crime

Accused Irish LulzSec hacker worked in security

SAN FRANCISCO/NEW YORK – One of the people accused by U.S. authorities of being at the core of Lulz Security, perhaps the most feared hacking group on the planet, led a nonprofit group in Galway, Ireland, dedicated to making websites more secure.

TechIrelandMedia 08 Mar 2012

“Anonymous” hurt by arrests but hard to kill

LONDON – In turning one of its best-known hackers into an informant and breaking open the highest profile elements of the “Anonymous” movement, authorities have dealt a serious blow to a group they found a growing irritant.

ScienceTechMedia, 08 Mar 2012

Hacking “mole” helps FBI arrest Anonymous leaders

NEW YORK – One of the world’s most-wanted hackers secretly became an FBI informant last year, providing evidence that led to charges on Tuesday against five other suspected leaders of the Anonymous international hacking group.

TechMedia, 06 Mar 2012

Hacker “Sabu” was an FBI plant for months

– Even as he urged tens of thousands of Twitter followers to rise up and attack government and law enforcement, the most wanted hacker on the planet was working for the FBI.

TechMedia, 06 Mar 2012

NASA says was hacked 13 times last year

– NASA said hackers stole employee credentials and gained access to mission-critical projects last year in 13 major network breaches that could compromise U.S. national security.

TechMediaiPad, 02 Mar 2012

NASA says it was hacked 13 times last year

– NASA said hackers broke into its computer systems 13 times last year, stealing employee credentials and gaining access to mission-critical projects in breaches that could compromise U.S. national security.

Tech, 02 Mar 2012

Android bug opens devices to outside control: experts

BOSTON – Cybersecurity experts have uncovered a flaw in a component of the operating system of Google Inc’s widely used Android smartphone that they say hackers can exploit to gain control of the devices.

TechiPadMedia 24 Feb 2012

Hackers target Putin’s vote-monitoring system

NOVOSIBIRSK, Russia – Hackers have tried to crash a vast network of Web cameras which Vladimir Putin has ordered to allay fears of vote-rigging in the March presidential election, a deputy minister said on Friday.

Tech, 17 Feb 2012

Websites of exchanges Nasdaq, BATS hit in online attack

NEW YORK – Websites of exchange operators Nasdaq and BATS have been attacked by hackers over the last 24 hours, causing ongoing disruptions for those trying to use the sites, spokespersons for the companies said on Tuesday.

TechMedia, 14 Feb 2012

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