Malware “DNSChanger”

“DNSChanger adalah sebuah kelas dari perangkat lunak berbahaya (malware) yang mengubah Domain Name pengguna System (DNS) pengaturan yang

memungkinkan para penjahat untuk mengarahkan para pengguna internet ke situs-situs yang tidak menaruh curiga penipuan dan sebaliknya mengganggu akses ke layanan internet. Ini telah dikaitkan dengan ‘penipuan klik’, instalasi malware tambahan dan kegiatan berbahaya lainnya.”

itu merupakan terjemahan bebas dari cuplikan tentang malware DNSChanger dari pemerintah Australia.

berikut ini info dari web tersebut:

Your system does not appear to be affected by the DNSChanger malware.

What is DNSChanger?

DNSChanger is a class of malicious software (malware) that changes a user’s Domain Name System (DNS) settings, enabling criminals to direct unsuspecting internet users to fraudulent websites and otherwise interfere with access to internet services. It has been associated with ‘click fraud’, the installation of additional malware and other malicious activities.

In November 2011, the FBI closed down a ring of cyber-criminals believed to be responsible for the worldwide spread of DNSChanger.

An estimated four million users were affected worldwide. To avoid these victims losing access to internet services, the FBI worked with the Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) to set up and operate a temporary but correct DNS solution, while giving ISPs the opportunity to assist their customers to remove their potential infection.

This temporary solution will be switched off on 9 July 2012. Users infected by DNSChanger will be unable to access internet services when the temporary DNS solution is switched off.

A note about potential ‘false negatives’

It is possible that your network administrator or Internet Service Provider is transparently rerouting or otherwise modifying your DNS traffic. This action may have been taken to negate the effects of DNSChanger, through providing you with an ongoing ability to access the internet after 9 July 2012.

In such cases it is possible that one or more of your computing devices are infected by DNSChanger but this website provides you with a green ‘You do not appear to be affected by DNSChanger’ diagnosis.

If your DNS is being rerouted or modified, it is still possible to perform a manual check of whether your computing device remains affected by DNSChanger, and is still using the ‘rogue’ DNS settings installed by this malware. For more information on how to do this, refer to the FBI DNSChanger document (PDF) below and also the General information about DNSChanger on this website.



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