Ransomware: Cerber

20161005-cerber-1-125x100Berikut ini beberapa artikel terkait Cerber Ransomware yang dikutip dari beberapa sumber, mudah-mudahan dapat membantu bagi yang terkena ransomware tersebut:


  • vaksin.com | Cerber 3: Ransomware yang sadar marketing
  • bleepingcomputer.com | Cerber Ransomware switches to a Random Extension and Ends Database Processes
  • pcrisk.com | Cerber ransomware removal instructions
  • bleepingcomputer.com | Cerber Ransomware switches to .CERBER3 Extension for Encrypted Files
  • bugsfighter.com | How to remove Cerber3 ransomware and decrypt .cerber3 files
  • keonesoftware | Cerber3 ransomware removal: how to decrypt .cerber3 virus files
  • malwarefixes.com |  Remove Cerber3 Ransomware and Decrypt Files
  • bleepingcomputer.com | Check Point releases working Decryptor for the Cerber Ransomware

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Android malware spreading through Google’s AdSense network


Neowin.net | Justin Luna | Aug 16, 2016

A group of security researchers have recently discovered a new strain of malware targeting the Android operating system by Google, which also uses its advertising network AdSense to spread itself.

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Is Zepto ransomware the new Locky?

zeptoPaul Ducklin | 05 JUL 2016 | nakedsecurity.sophos.com | Graham Chantry, Fraser Howard and Benjamin Humphrey of SophosLabs 

Beware the latest arrival on the ransomware scene: Zepto. It’s very similar to the well-known Locky malware, and the consequences of an attack are the same: your files end up scrambled, at which point the crooks offer to sell you the decryption key.

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New Hybrid Banking Trojan ‘GozNym’ Steals Millions

New Hybrid Banking Trojan 'GozNym' Steals Millions

Databreachtoday.com | Mathew J. Schwartz (euroinfosec) | April 18, 2016 

Ransomware Repurposed to Target Business Accounts

A cybercrime gang has been using new malware to target business customers of banks in the United States and Canada and steal millions of dollars, primarily from business accounts, researchers at the IBM X-Force security group warn.

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T9000: Advanced Modular Backdoor Uses Complex Anti-Analysis Techniques

backdoorlogo28229paloaltonetworks.com | BY: and on February 4, 2016 1:00 PM

Most custom backdoors used by advanced attackers have limited functionality. They evade detection by keeping their code simple and flying under the radar. But during a recent investigation we found a backdoor that takes a very different approach. We refer to this backdoor as T9000, which is a newer variant of the T5000 malware family, also known as Plat1. Baca lebih lanjut

Linux malware: Second screen-grabbing Trojan surfaces in space of a week

bitatm-1zdnet.com | By | January 22, 2016 — 13:47 GMT (21:47 GMT+08:00)

“Researchers have found Linux malware that appears to target a particular brand of Bitcoin ATM but works “just fine” on Ubuntu.”

Malware researchers at a Russian security firm have identified a new Trojan for Linux devices that takes screenshots and logs keystrokes. Baca lebih lanjut

Lincolnshire County Council hit by £1m malware demand

88002625_ransom32bbc.com | 29 January 2016

Lincolnshire County Council’s computer systems have been closed for four days after being hit by computer malware demanding a £1m ransom.

Ransomware encrypts data on infected machines and only unscrambles it if victims pay a fee. Baca lebih lanjut